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PAGEPress is a brand of MeditGroup, an Italian media company which has been developing services for the international medical community since 1992. The growing achievement of the OpenAccess concept in the scientific community and the awareness that still few specialized professional organizations are currently on the market, led us to create the PAGEPress brand, with the main purpose to reach the widest possible circulation of the scientific research in a cost-effectively advantageous approach either for authors, libraries or Scientific Societies. Our goal is to become an international publisher and provider as far as the OpenAccess scientific journals are concerned, in a variety of science fields as medicine, biology, zoology, agriculture, and others. PAGEPress offers a platform specialized into the online-only publication of scientific journals: besides our own journals (already started on or in debut phase), we are taking care of the switching process of some traditional journals towards the OpenAccess model. PAGEPress journals always undergo a high-quality peer-review system and the articles are published online as far as they are accepted; furthermore, they are as well distributed among main online directories (such as Medline, DOAJ, PubMedCentral, and others) enabling them to reach a worldwide accessibility. The publication model adopted by PAGEPress is the so called “authors-pay”: the authors are requested to correspond PAGEPress with the costs of first publication and they keep their article Copyright. Therefore, all possible commercial uses of the article are to be settled with the authors themselves. Our offer includes the following key points: · Registration and maintenance of a second level domain dedicated to your journal on our servers (i.e. · Fully-integrated platform for the whole publishing process (from submission to peer-review, to publication and indexing, DOIs, online directories, etc.), available 24-hrs via Internet by using a high-level “users and roles” system (editors, reviewers, authors, etc.). · Editorial office devoted to the managing and checking of the whole process. · Journal distribution and indexing via integrated systems, such as OAI harvesting and sector-specialized indexes. · Highly-professional mother-tongue copyediting for each article needing linguistic/structural revision. · Marketing strategies, both online and to events as congresses, conferences and meetings. In practice, the journal willing to switch to our online-only publication system won’t print its articles any longer and will be able to publish them online as soon as they are accepted (of course when the peer-review, copyediting, layout, proofs and payment steps are completed). To all published articles the DOI will be immediately assigned and they will be indexed into the online available directories. PAGEPress can as well hand out printed materials and tools at conferences/meeting of special interest, to promote journal circulation.

Italian Journal of Wound Care Management

The Italian Journal of Wound Care Management is the definitive wound-care journal and the leading source of up-to-date research and clinical information on everything related to tissue viability.  Published quarterly, the journal’s international audience includes nurses, doctors and researchers specialising in wound management and tissue viability, as well as generalists wishing to enhance their practice.

In addition to cutting edge and state-of-the-art research and practice articles, IJWCM also covers topics related to wound-care management, education and novel therapies, as well as cases supplements, a supplement dedicated solely to case reports and case series in wound care. All articles are rigorously peer-reviewed by a panel of international experts, comprised of clinicians, nurses and researchers.

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Journal of Osseointegration

The aim of this Journal in the Implant Dentistry field is to publish high quality contemporary, timely, innovative, interesting and clinically relevant information that will be used for improvement of the care of our patients. The rapid growth of research and more application of advanced clinical procedures has led us to start this new journey, that we hope will be a journey of success. 
The objective of all the people involved in this project will be to present the data in an accurate, fair and unbiased way. Each paper will be given the close attention that it merits and only manuscripts with well designed projects, conducted in a manner that follows sound scientific principles will be accepted. 
Also the rapidity of the reviewing process will be a key goal, this will be ensured by a web based submission and colse supervision on the reviewing process. A concerted effort will be made to shorten the time between submission, correction, acceptance of the manuscript, online publication, and print publication. 
We aim also for a high standard of technical editing, which serves to ensure the consistency of the content style and the fact that the language should be as unambiguous and clear as possible. Manuscripts dealing with basic research, biomaterials, tissue engineering techniques, clinical research and technical innovations will be accepted. The help of all involved people will be of outstanding relevance in achieving this mission.

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Working Paper of Public Health

La serie di Working Paper of Public Health (WP) dell’Azienda Ospedaliera di Alessandria è una serie di pubblicazioni online ed Open Access, progressiva e multi disciplinare in Public Health (ISSN: 2279-9761). Vi rientrano pertanto sia contributi di medicina ed epidemiologia, sia contributi di economia sanitaria e management, etica e diritto. Rientra nella politica aziendale tutto quello che può proteggere e migliorare la salute della comunità attraverso la promozione di stili di vita corretti, così come la prevenzione di malattie ed infezioni, nonché il miglioramento dell’assistenza (sia medica sia infermieristica) e della cura del paziente. Si prefigge quindi l’obiettivo scientifico di migliorare lo stato di salute degli individui e/o pazienti, sia attraverso la prevenzione di quanto potrebbe condizionarla sia mediante l’assistenza medica e/o infermieristica finalizzata al ripristino della stessa. Gli articoli pubblicati impegnano esclusivamente gli autori, le opinioni espresse non implicano alcuna responsabilità da parte dell'Azienda Ospedaliera “SS. Antonio e Biagio e Cesare Arrigo” di Alessandria.

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