Hematology Reports

Hematology Reports is an Open Access, online-only, peer-reviewed journal that considers mainly original articles, case reports and reviews on all aspects of prevention, diagnosis and management of disorders of the blood, as well as related molecular and cell biology, genetics, pathophysiology, epidemiology and controlled trials.
Manuscripts on laboratory and clinical aspects of blood-related conditions are welcome, as well as research on the treatment of blood diseases.
Occasional issues and supplements publish an in-depth clinical and biological analysis of particular types of blood diseases. The journal also reviews important recent developments in the biology and treatment of malignant diseases, and highlights promising new directions.

Clinical and experimental efficacy of gemtuzumab ozogamicin in core... Two cases of angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma with concomitant... Gluteal artery injuries including pseudoaneurysm associated with powered...

Vol 9, No 3 (2017)

Table of Contents

Kalman Filanovsky, Lev Shvidel

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Brief Reports
Michele Gottardi, Federico Mosna, Sergio De Angeli, Cristina Papayannidis, Anna Candoni, Marino Clavio, Cristina Tecchio, Andrea Piccin, Marta Campo dell’Orto, Fabio Benedetti, Giovanni Martinelli, Filippo Gherlinzoni

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Anand P. Jillella, Martha L. Arellano, Leonard T. Heffner, Manila Gaddh, Amelia A. Langston, Hanna J. Khoury, Abhishek Mangoankar, Vamsi K. Kota

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Original Articles
Federica Cattina, Simona Bernardi, Vilma Mantovani, Eleonora Toffoletti, Alessandra Santoro, Domenico Pastore, Bruno Martino, Giuseppe Console, Giovanni Martinelli, Michele Malagola

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Case Reports
Pankaj Mathur, Blake Hollowoa, Nupur Lala, Sharmilan Thanendrarajan, Aasiya Matin, Atul Kothari, Carolina Schinke

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Aditi P. Singh, Gopichand Pendurti, Shashi Singh, Alexander Shestopalov, Thomas Pacello, Louis J. Reed

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María del Carmen Vicente-Ayuso, María García-Roa, Ataúlfo González-Fernández, Ana María Alvarez-Carmona, Celina Benavente-Cuesta, Marta Mateo-Morales, Cristina Pérez-López, Ascensión Peña-Cortijo, Marta Polo Zarzuela, Laura Gutiérrez, Rafael Martínez-Martínez

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Davide Facchinelli, Angela Polino, Francesco Dima, Alice Parisi, Achille Ambrosetti, Dino Veneri

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