Editorial Policy

All material published by PAGEPress, whether submitted to or created by PAGEPress, is published under an Open Access license that lets others remix, and build upon your work non-commercially, and although their new works must also acknowledge you and be non-commercial, they don’t have to license their derivative works on the same terms. 

PAGEPress strives to set the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of its activities, whether this be its journal image, its style of presentation, the quality of the editorial process at every level, the transparency of its operations and procedures, its accessibility to the scientific community and the public, and its educational value.

PAGEPress is committed to a fair and rigorous editorial process. The decision to accept an article for publication will be based purely on scientific quality and importance. 

Although we will initially focus on publishing high-impact research in the life sciences, we intend to expand our scope as rapidly as practically possible to provide a vehicle for publication of other valuable scientific or scholarly articles.

PAGEPress welcomes and actively seeks opportunities to work together with any group (scientific/scholarly societies, physicians, patient advocacy groups, educational organizations) and any publisher who shares our commitment to open access and to making scientific information available for the benefit of science and the public good. Many Universities, scientific societies, study groups have already chosen PAGEPress as a partner to publish their own scientific journals.

PAGEPress charges authors a price that reflects the actual costs of publication. However, the ability of authors to pay publication charges will never be a consideration in the decision as to whether to publish.

PAGEPress aims to be a truly international organization by providing access to the scientific literature to anyone, anywhere, by publishing works from every nation, and by engaging a geographically diverse group of scientists in the editorial process. 

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