Launching Il Politico


Il Politico, founded in 1950 by the political scientist and philosopher Bruno Leoni, aims at promoting knowledge on contemporary political systems and their interactions. While the journal’s international outlook encompasses the tradition of ‘Annals of Political Sciences’, the interactions between different political systems and cultures are dealt with in an in-depth manner through contributions in the fields of history, socio-political, legal and economic sciences. In other words, the disciplinary plurality within the field of international relations emerges in the context of the comparative analysis of different systems: special attention is therefore dedicated to what can be referred to as “strong” relations and interactions, above all those related to European integration. The 64 “Quaderni” which have been published next to the “Il Politico” since its foundation further confirm the journal’s multidisciplinary vocation in relation to and the context of the analysis of the interactions between political systems.