The masonries of the Roman bridge of Sant’Antioco (Sardinia, Italy)

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Caterina Giannattasio *
Silvana Maria Grillo
(*) Corresponding Author:
Caterina Giannattasio |


The bridge of Sant’Antioco is an architectural specialty dating back most probably to Roman origin, interested by many other interventions during the following centuries. It represents a piece of art of a unique road net in its kind, for its function in connecting not only the opposite banks of a river but also a small island with the dry land. Additionally, its architectural design does not have any analogies in other episodes. It has been studied following an interdisciplinary approach, with the aim of combining the historical, architectural and constructive knowledge with methods used in geologic and geochemical investigations, intending to elucidate the various phases that this architectural monument underwent within the course of the centuries. Specifically, the ultimate goal of the present research is to gain a more profound comprehension of this architecture, which is essential to define a correct and qualified restoration and conservation process.

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