Proteus syndrome: a case report and a case study review in China

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Xi-Bao Zhang *
Chang-Xing Li
Yu-Qing He
San-Quan Zhang
Yan-Xia Cai
(*) Corresponding Author:
Xi-Bao Zhang |


Proteus syndrome (PS) is a rare and sporadic disorder characterized by overgrowth of multiple tissues and a propensity to develop particular neoplasms. The clinical manifestations of PS include macrodactyly, vertebral abnormalities, asymmetric limb overgrowth and length discrepancy, hyperostosis, abnormal and asymmetric fat distribution, asymmetric muscle development, connective tissue nevi, and vascular malformations. We report a 16-year old female patient who manifested a number of these complications and review the Chinese literature about the diagnosis, natural history, and management of PS.

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