A case of post-inflammatory warty dyskeratoma of the chest: Other dermoscopic features

  • Vito Ingordo | vito.ingordo@gmail.com Outpatients’ Department of Dermatology, District n. 6, Local Health Centre Taranto, Taranto, Italy.
  • Gerardo Ferrara Anatomic Pathology Unit, Hospital of Macerata, Macerata, Italy. https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0727-4015
  • Irene Ingordo Private practice, Milan, Italy.
  • Giuseppe Argenziano Dermatology Unit, University of Campania “L. Vanvitelli”, Napoli, Italy.


Warty Dyskeratoma (WD) is a rare condition consisting in single or multiple papular or nodular lesions of the skin or of the oral mucosamucosa. Histologically, a cupshaped epidermal invagination centred by a plug of epidermal hyperparakeratosis with suprabasal acantholysis and dyskeratosis is typically observed. A case of post-inflammatory WD, which was also observed by dermoscopy, is described. Dermoscopy showed an eight-shape whitish collarette surrounded by light brown pigmentation. A central white structureless area with an adjacent rosette were observed. Some small rust-coloured blood crusts were also observed in the centre of the lesion; no prominent vascular pattern was detected. The etiopathogenesis of this benign neoplasm could be multifactorial. Dermoscopy of WD is not specific but may help to ruling out other skin tumors.



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Warty dyskeratoma, dermoscopy, dermatoscopy, etiopathogenesis, histopathology
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