Desmoid abdominal tumour: A clinical case report and brief literature review

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Irina Ivanova *
Shahswar Arif
Dinko Dinev
Kalin Kalchev
Maria Atanassova
Iskren Kotzev
(*) Corresponding Author:
Irina Ivanova |


Desmoid tumors are unique mesenchymal neoplasm. They are able to spread to proximal tissues but tend not to metastasize. Our case presents a 66-year-old female referred for evaluation of the prominent, palpable mass located into the left abdomen. Imaging studies revealed a tumor up to 22 cm, extending below the diaphragm to the retroperitoneal and intra-abdominal cavity. Contrast enhanced ultrasound showed strong inhomogeneous arterial hyper-enhancement followed by persistent enhancement in a venous phase. Histology obtained with trucut needle biopsy established desmoid tumor, with overall proliferating activity (Ki-67 expression) of 20%. The lesion had been identified as sporadic and unresectable. During the patient’s follow-up a slow but continuous elevation of serum creatinine was registered eventually led to anuria, requiring emergent hemodialysis. The non-obstructing nephropathy is an unusual complication of the disease course, therefore we briefly reviewed the published data on abdominal desmoid tumors and critically analyzed the relation with kidney injury.

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