Comparison of the effect of misoprostol and chewing gum on intestinal movements after cesarean delivery

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Nazila Najdi
Alireza Kamali
Pegah Eslami *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Pegah Eslami |


Cesarean is one of the major surgeries after which mother will need to be hospitalized for a long period of time. One of the leading causes of the increase in the duration of hospitalization of such patients is the surgeons’ projections about the development of ileus and defecation. Given the previous studies, misoprostol can increase bowel movements. Moreover, gum-chewing has been recommended as a cheap and available technique for accelerating the resumption of normal Intestinal Movements. The present study is a singleblind randomized clinical trial which has been done on 324 women over 18 years of age with singleton pregnancy who had visited Taleghani Hospital in Arak and was elective cesarean section candidates. The surgery and anesthesia techniques were similar for all patients. These patients were randomized into three groups of 108, namely control, misoprostol, and gum-chewing groups. The patients in these three groups were compared with one another in terms of normal bowel sound, gas passage, defecation and discharge. The results have shown the mean age of a total of 324 patients has been 26.66 years. The results suggest that the time of hearing the first normal bowel sound, the first gas passage, and defecation have been shorter in the misoprostol group, gum-chewing group and control group, respectively. The difference observed between the three groups has been significant at a 0.05 significance level. Furthermore, no significant difference was observed between the patients in the misoprostol and gum-chewing groups and the patients in the control group while reviewing the time of discharge of these patients. The findings have been indicative of the positive effects of the misoprostol and gumchewing techniques on the intestinal function of patients and mothers’ breastfeeding. Also, it has been observed that using misoprostol can be more effective than chewing gum.

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