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Giovanni Martinelli

Hematology Reports is an Open Access, online-only, peer-reviewed journal that considers mainly original articles, case reports and reviews on all aspects of prevention, diagnosis and management of disorders of the blood, as well as related molecular and cell biology, genetics, pathophysiology, epidemiology and controlled trials. Manuscripts on laboratory and clinical aspects of blood-related conditions are welcome, as well as research on the treatment of blood diseases. Occasional issues and supplements publish an in-depth clinical and biological analysis of particular types of blood diseases. The journal also reviews important recent developments in the biology and treatment of malignant diseases, and highlights promising new directions.


First SOHO Clinical and Biological School of Acute Leukemia


The last 4–5 years have ushered ina new era in acute leukemia therapy, with the advent and approval of multiple targeted therapies. Additionally, an improved understanding of the immune system in patients with hematologic malignancies has resulted in major progress in the development of immune therapies for the treatment, including monoclonal antibodies with or without conjugated toxins (bacterial or chemical), bispecific T-cell engagers and DART antibodiesimmune-checkpoint-based therapies, and CAR-T cell approaches.


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