Pure red cell aplasia in a simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation patient: inside the erythroblast

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Francesca Labbadia *
Eduardo Salido-Fierréz
Juliana Majado-Martinez
Valentin Cabañas-Perianes
José M. Moraleda Jiménez
(*) Corresponding Author:
Francesca Labbadia | francesca.labbadia@gmail.com


A case of pure red cell aplasia in a simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplant recipient on immunosuppressive therapy is reported here. The patient presented with anemia unresponsive to erythropoietin treatment. Bone marrow cytomorphology was highly suggestive of parvovirus pure red cell aplasia, which was confirmed with serology and polymerase chain reaction positive for parvovirus B19 DNA in peripheral blood. After the administration of intravenous immunoglobulin the anemia improved with a rising number of the reticulocytes.

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