Bone turnover markers in patients with type 1 Gaucher disease

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Gaetano Giuffrida *
Maria Rocca Cingari
Nunziatina Parrinello
Alessandra Romano
Anna Triolo
Magda Franceschino
Francesco Di Raimondo
(*) Corresponding Author:
Gaetano Giuffrida |


Bone complications occur frequently in Gaucher disease (GD) and reduce the quality of life of these patients. Skeletal involvement is an important indication for treatment to ameliorate symptoms and reduce the risk of irreversible and debilitating disease. Bone biomarkers have been used to assess disease status and the response to therapy in a number of bone disorders. Here, we examine the literature for evidence of abnormalities in bone turnover markers in patients with type 1 GD to assess whether they might be useful for the assessment of bone involvement in GD. We have found that bone biomarkers in GD show highly variable results which do not currently support their routine use for clinical assessment of bone status, as an indication for therapy initiation, or for monitoring the response to therapy. A greater understanding of bone markers and their relation to the bone manifestations of GD is required.

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