Human hemoglobin G-Makassar variant masquerading as sickle cell anemia

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Ahmad Sabry Mohamad *
Roszymah Hamzah
Veena Selvaratnam
Subramanian Yegapan
Jameela Sathar
(*) Corresponding Author:
Ahmad Sabry Mohamad |


Human hemoglobin of G-Makassar variant has been reported very rarely with Beta Thalassemia. In year 1969 Hb GMakassar was first identified in Makassar, Sulawesi (Celebes), Republic of Indonesia. The disease was first published in 1969 and 33 years later it has been reported at a family of Thailand origin. We report a 45-yearold Malay man who was investigated for anemia and thrombocytopenia then diagnosed with Hb G-Makassar. This finding describes as a new Hemoglobin GMakassar discovered in Malaysia after 14 years diagnosed in Thailand.

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