Morphologic and immunophenotypic features of a case of acute monoblastic leukemia with unusual positivity for Glycophorin-A

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Giovanni Carulli *
Paola Sammuri
Cristiana Domenichini
Martina Rousseau
Virginia Ottaviano
Maria Immacolata Ferreri
Antonio Azzarà
Francesco Caracciolo
Mario Petrini
(*) Corresponding Author:
Giovanni Carulli |


Acute monoblastic leukemia (AMoL) is characterized by cells with highly undifferentiated morphology. Cytochemistry with non-specific esterases is negative in up to 20% of cases. Immunophenotyping by flow cytometry has an essential role in diagnosing such a subtype of leukemia and a multiparametric approach with a wide monoclonal antibody panel is necessary. We describe a case of AMoL with morphology resembling either plasma blasts or very immature erythroblasts. Diagnosis was made by alpha-naphtyl-acetate esterase staining and with immunophenotyping, which was made with a wide monoclonal antibody panel. Blasts were positive for monocytic markers. Most of leukemic cells, however, were positive for Glycophorin-A. The presence of Glycophorin-A, which is considered as a specific marker of the erythroid lineage, has never been reported previously in cases of AMoL. This peculiar immunophenotype might be interpreted as deriving from a common myelo-erythroid precursor undergone leukemic transformation.

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