Silent T-cell receptor cutaneous T-cell lymphoma associated to a clonal plasma cell proliferation

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Ana Caballero
Silvana Novelli *
Anna Mozos
Pilar Garcia Muret
Anna Monter
Jorge Sierra
Javier Briones
(*) Corresponding Author:
Silvana Novelli |


Within T-cell lymphomas (TCL) there are 2 entities expressing gamma-delta TCR: hepatosplenic gamma-delta T-cell lymphoma (HSGDTL) and the primary cutaneous gamma-delta T-cell lymphoma (PCGDTL). PCGDTL is a rare form of Tcell lymphoma with specific tropism for skin that have a dismal prognosis. Although even rarer, there have been reports of TCL with loss of expression of the TCR, which have been termed peripheral TCL TCR-silent type. We report the case of a cutaneous TCR-silent type lymphoma associated to a clonal plasma cell proliferation with an ominous outcome that led to a lot of discussion in its classification. Due to the aggressiveness of the disease and the scant evidence about therapy in this strange entity the outcome was fatal. We report a unique case of a TCR-silent cutaneous TCL with an exceptional histopathology, prolonged clinical evolution and a subsequent plasma cell clonal expansion.

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