Transplacental transmission: A rare case of Ebola virus transmission

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Lawrence Okoror *
Abdul Kamara
Brima Kargbo
James Bangura
Mat Lebby
(*) Corresponding Author:
Lawrence Okoror |


During the mid-transmission period of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak in Sierra Leone, a 19-year-old pregnant woman, who was a petty trader in a health facility in Freetown, noticing no fetal movement for the past 3 days, reported to a health facility. Medical history and laboratory testing showed no abnormalities except that she was positive for sickle cell. She was not known to any surveillance team of having any epidemiological link to EVD case. She was induced with oral medications as well as IV infusion. EVD test showed that the fetus was positive to EVD with a high threshold value of 21, while the woman was negative for EVD with a threshold value of 42. The woman was positive to EVD IgG but negative to EVD IgM by ELISA technique. This is a rare EVD case in the period of medium transmission. We conclude that the woman may have come into contact with a low dose of virus not enough to cause a full blown EVD and that her immune system was able to stop the virus from further replication.

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