Vol 4, No 2 (2012)

Published: 2012-04-27

Interdisciplinary approaches to zoonotic disease

Robin Goodwin, David Schley, Ka-Man Lai, Graziano M. Ceddia, Julie Barnett, NIgel Cook

Kinetics of HIV-1 in cerebrospinal fluid and plasma in cryptococcal meningitis

Diego M. Cecchini, Ana M. Cañizal, Haroldo Rojas, Alicia Arechavala, Ricardo Negroni, María B. Bouzas, Jorge A. Benetucci

Value of third sputum smear for detection of pulmonary tuberculosis in HIV infected patients

Majid Marjani, Payam Tabarsi, Parvaneh Baghaei, Davoud Mansouri, Mohammad Reza Masjedi, Ali Akbar Velayati

Susceptibility to Entamoeba histolytica intestinal infection is related to reduction in natural killer T-lymphocytes in C57BL/6 mice

Fabrício M.S. Oliveira, Bernardo C. Horta, Luana O. Prata, Andrezza F. Santiago, Andréa C. Alves, Ana M.C. Faria, Maria A. Gomes, Marcelo V. Caliari

Absence of chronic hepatitis E in a German cohort of common variable immunodeficiency patients

Sven Pischke, Ruediger Horn-Wichmann, Diana Ernst, Bjoern Georg Meyer, Regina Raupach, Gerrit Ahrenstorf, Reinhold Ernst Schmidt, Michael Peter Manns, Torsten Witte, Heiner Wedemeyer

Development of a new trend conjugate vaccine for the prevention of Klebsiella pneumoniae

Tarek A. Ahmad, Medhat Haroun, Ahmed A. Hussein, El Sayed H. El Ashry, Laila H. El-Sayed