Role of microRNAs in solid tumors

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Rie Hamano *
Hideshi Ishii
Hiroshi Miyata
Yuichiro Doki
Masaki Mori
(*) Corresponding Author:
Rie Hamano |


Accumulating experimental evidence indicates that microRNAs play important roles in various biological processes, such as cell differentiation, proliferation, metabolism and apoptosis. In addition, several reports concluded that altered expression of specific microRNA genes contributes to the initiation and progression of cancer. Here, we summarize the current knowledge about aberrant expression of various microRNAs in human solid cancers (e.g., lung, breast, and gastric cancers), their target proteins, and the relationship between their expression and response to chemotherapies. We also review the potential for using microRNAs as biomarkers for the diagnosis and cancer therapy. The development of treatment strategies against human solid cancers based on the profile and/or certain features of microRNAs is promising.

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