Nanotechnology developments: opportunities for animal health and production

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Anju Manuja *
Balvinder Kumar
Raj Kumar Singh
(*) Corresponding Author:
Anju Manuja |


Nanotechnology has opened up new vistas for applications in molecular biology, biotechnology and almost all the disciplines of veterinary and animal sciences. Excellence in animal health and production can be achieved by translation of this newer technology to create effective services and products for animals. The ability to manufacture and manipulate matter on the nanoscale has offered opportunities for application in diverse areas of animal sciences. Nanosensors, nanovaccines, adjuvants, gene delivery and smart drug delivery methods have the potential to revolutionize animal health and production. There can be numerous applications of the nanomaterials for disease diagnosis, treatment, drug delivery, animal nutrition, animal breeding, reproduction, tissue engineering and value addition to animal products. This paper reviews the recent developments in nanotechnology research and opportunities for application in animal sciences.

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Anju Manuja, National Research Centre on Equines

Senior Scientist, Veterinary Medicine

Balvinder Kumar, National Research Centre on Equines

Senior Scientist, Animal Biotechnology

Raj Kumar Singh, National Research Centre on Equines