Palm to finger ulnar sensory nerve conduction

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Eduardo Davidowich
Osvaldo J.M. Nascimento *
Marco Orsini
Camila Pupe
Bruno Pessoa
Caroline Bittar
Karina Lebeis Pires
Carlos Bruno
Bruno Mattos Coutinho
Olivia Gameiro de Souza
Pedro Ribeiro
Bruna Velasques
Juliana Bittencourt
Silmar Teixeira
Victor Hugo Bastos
(*) Corresponding Author:
Osvaldo J.M. Nascimento |


Ulnar neuropathy at the wrist (UNW) is rare, and always challenging to localize. To increase the sensitivity and specificity of the diagnosis of UNW many authors advocate the stimulation of the ulnar nerve (UN) in the segment of the wrist and palm. The focus of this paper is to present a modified and simplified technique of sensory nerve conduction (SNC) of the UN in the wrist and palm segments and demonstrate the validity of this technique in the study of five cases of type III UNW. The SNC of UN was performed antidromically with fifth finger ring recording electrodes. The UN was stimulated 14 cm proximal to the active electrode (the standard way) and 7 cm proximal to the active electrode. The normal data from amplitude and conduction velocity (CV) ratios between the palm to finger and wrist to finger segments were obtained. Normal amplitude ratio was 1.4 to 0.76. Normal CV ratio was 0.8 to 1.23.We found evidences of abnormal SNAP amplitude ratio or substantial slowing of UN sensory fibers across the wrist in 5 of the 5 patients with electrophysiological-definite type III UNW.


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