Severe cold lower limbs in patients with Parkinson’s disease during the summer

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Hiroshi Kataoka *
Satoshi Ueno
(*) Corresponding Author:
Hiroshi Kataoka |


Parkinson’s disease (PD) is frequently associated with vasomotor symptoms such as distal cold limbs or sensitivity to cold. Coldness of the lower limbs (COL) usually occurs in winter and is often accompanied by pain, potentially causing difficulty in walking or standing. A standard dopaminergic treatment for such symptoms is yet to be established. We describe two patients with PD, who had severe COL during summer. For example, the patients wore many pairs of socks or used heating appliances in the summer. Severe COL can occur in summertime and can be intolerable or unpleasant, since it can worsen disability. The treatment with a dopamine agonist did not sufficiently decrease the severity of COL.

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