Quality of life, physical and mental status and contentment of patients with localized soft tissue or bone sarcoma: a questionnaire analysis

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Saskia M. Sachsenmaier *
Ingmar Ipach
Torsten Kluba
(*) Corresponding Author:
Saskia M. Sachsenmaier | saskia.sachsenmaier@med.uni-tuebingen.de


Extremity soft tissue and bone sarcomas represent a rare group of bone and connective tissue cancers. In literature, there is little information about psycho-emotional status and impact on quality of life after the diagnosis and treatment of this kind of tumors. The aim of this survey was to define the profile of the patients at risk and their need for psychooncological care. Our self-created questionnaire consists of 71 items related to the individual emotional, mental and physical situation after the diagnosis of soft tissue and bone sarcoma. Sixty-six patients, surgically treated at our department, were included. Only 37.5% of the patients considered themselves to be completely emotional stable. Psychooncological treatment was accepted mostly by female patients, by patients with higher education level and by married patients. Emotional stability and confidence in future were associated with a strong familiar background, with numerous consultations of psychooncological service and also to gender and physical condition. Current quality of life was strongly correlated to physical condition. Thanks to our questionnaire, we disclosed few risk factors for negative emotional outcome after therapy, such as higher age, social isolation, female gender and poor physical status.

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