Recurrent tears of the rotator cuff: Effect of repair technique and management options

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Yehia H. Bedeir *
Andrew E. Jimenez
Brian M. Grawe
(*) Corresponding Author:
Yehia H. Bedeir |


Retears of the rotator cuff, following operative repair, is not an uncommon event. Various factors have been shown to influence recurrence including the technique of repair. Multiple techniques have been performed with varying results and complications. The repair technique significantly affects the rate and pattern of retears. Although risk of retears with double row and suture bridge techniques is relatively low, medial cuff failure is a potential complication which poses significant challenges when revision repair is undertaken. Modifications in surgical techniques in, both, double row and suture bridge repairs can help decrease the risk of medial cuff failure. Thorough analysis of retear rates and patterns reported, and their relation with the repair technique, provides new insights about the pathogenesis of rotator cuff retears, their future prevention and appropriate management.

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