Digital templating of rotating hinge revision and primary total knee arthroplasty

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Peter Savov *
Henning Windhagen
Carl Haasper
Max Ettinger
(*) Corresponding Author:
Peter Savov |


Preoperative digital templating in total knee arthroplastiy (TKA) is useful in predicting implant size, the level of bone resections and the need for special implants. This study should evaluate the templating of a rotating hinge prosthesis and the realization of the preoperative plan. Two observers with different experience levels templated 40 cases which received TKA and R-TKA using digital planning on standard preoperative x-rays. The examiners templated all cases independently and were blinded to the component sizes used intraoperatively. The kappa coefficient and Pearson coefficient were determined. The accuracy in predicting the correct implant size in revision TKA varied from 67,9% to 82,1% depending on the training level of the observer. The two observers show moderate and substantial correlation. The coefficient indicates a substantial agreement in between the two observers in templating revision TKA. The accuracy depends on the experience of the observer. In the cases were the templating was incorrect, the prosthesis was implanted smaller than the preoperative plan. With this knowledge very good results can be made with this prosthesis.

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