The computed tomography-based anatomy of the ossa cuneiformia

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Leif Claaßen *
Elina Venjakob
Daiwei Yao
Matthias Lerch
Christian Plaass
Christina Stukenborg-Colsman
Sarah Ettinger
(*) Corresponding Author:
Leif Claaßen |


There is a lack of basic anatomic information regarding the ossa cuneiformia. The aim of the present descriptive study was the detailed evaluation of the anatomy of the ossa cuneiformia. We analyzed 100 computer tomography scans of feet without deformities or previous trauma. The length, height and width of each cuneiforme and their articular surfaces were assessed. We itemized the data to gender differences and to foot length. The medial cuneiforme os had a length of 24.0 mm ± 2.4 (mean ± standard deviation), a width of 17.3 mm ± 2.8 and a height of 28.0 mm ± 3.4. The respective values for the intermediate cuneiforme were 18.2 mm ± 2.1, 15.8 mm ± 2.1 and 22.5 ± 2.2 and for the lateral cuneiforme 26.4 mm ± 2.7, 17.2 mm ± 2.9 and 22.8 mm ± 2.9. We found statistical relevant differences regarding gender and foot length subgroups whereas not for all parameters. The present study illustrates basic anatomic data regarding the ossa cuneiformia. This information might be helpful for implant design and placement during midfoot surgery.

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