Molecular and bioactive profiling of selected Eugenia species from Mauritius Island

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R. V. Brunchault
Joyce Govinden Soulange *
Vijayanti Mala Ranghoo Sanmukhiya
Jean Claude Sevathian
(*) Corresponding Author:
Joyce Govinden Soulange |


The Eugenia genus is comprised of about 1011 species which share similar features resulting in the complexity of its taxonomy and nomenclature. E. crassipetala, E. kanakana, E. tinifolia and two undescribed Eugenia species all medicinal and endemic to Mauritius Islands were characterized using their phytochemical, bioactive and molecular profile. Biological activity was assessed using the broth microdilution assay and the DPPH assay. Significant minimal inhibitory concentration values of E. crassipetala against E. coli (1.56 mg/mL), E. kanakana against P. mirabilis (0.55 mg/mL) and E. spp (small) against S. aureus (0.43 mg/mL) validates the antibacterial ability of these plant extracts and could be attributed to their high content of antioxidants (flavonoids and phenols). Genetic diversity among these five species was assessed by amplification of genomic DNA using 60 RAPD and 25 ISSR markers. Hierarchical cluster analysis validates the uniqueness of each Eugenia species with E. crassipetala and E. tinifolia forming a separate cluster. Comparative analysis of phytochemical composition and bioactivity correlate with the branching pattern of the species in the dendogram.

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