Effect of two bottom fertilizers and previous crop on yield of durum wheat breeding seed (Triticum durum Desf.)

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Nadia Chiahi *
Louhichi Brinis
(*) Corresponding Author:
Nadia Chiahi | nchiahidz@gmail.com


To improve the yield of durum wheat seed (Triticum durum Desf.), seven varieties were grown in an experimental field (Tifech region in Souk Ahras). The study focused on planting the varieties on two cropping precedents (sorghum and fallow grazing), in addition to the use of two bottom fertilizers, one potassic (Fosfactyl) and the other phoshonitrogen, (DAP). The analysis of the results showed a clear improvement in grain yields in the varieties harvested from the previous crop (Sorgho) and having received Fosfactyl as fertilizer. The best grain yields were displayed by the Carioca, Boussallem and Sersou varieties. After harvest, the study of soil parameters of the respective parcels showed soil with a sandy loam texture, with a low organic matter, with a slightly alkaline pH, while being low in salts.

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