Pericarp, seed coat anatomy and seed morphology of Calycanthaceae

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Niroj Paudel
Kweon Heo *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Kweon Heo |


Pericarp, trichome, and seed coat anatomy display great features of taxonomic value in the Calycanthaceae. The present study about trichome and seed coat anatomy has based on external and internal observation. Detail anatomical study of seeds provides valuable information for further study about their function, ontogeny, and phylogeny. Therefore, the goal of the study is to investigate trichome morphology and seed coat anatomy in Calycanthaceae to provide more detail characterization. Seeds were collected after that preserved with FAA. Furthermore, alcohol series applied for SEM and light microscopy. The unicellular trichome morphology is common in all species in Calycanthaceae. Density of trichome is highest in Calycanthus occidentalis. Different variation of seed coat and pericarp layers are characteristics of potential phylogenetic significance in the family.

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