Optimization of total RNA isolation method from the aromatic medicinal plant Artemisia annua L.

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Suganthi Appalasamy
Ning Shu Ping
Arvind Bhatt
Ahmad Sofiman Othman
Nad-Ali Babaeian Jelodar
Chan Lai Keng *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Chan Lai Keng | merrilynchan@gmail.com


This paper is the first report on the development of a protocol that allows rapid and simplified extraction of total RNA from Artemisia annua L., an aromatic medicinal plant. This innovative protocol ensures a consistently high quantity and good quality of total RNA without any contamination of polyphenols, polysaccharides and proteins. The total RNA obtained is also free of fungal RNA even when extracted from fungal infested plants. The extraction buffer used in the proposed modified protocol was made up of non-hazardous chemicals. High concentrations of polyphenols of A. annua L. could be successfully eliminated and the prepared total RNA could be used for downstream reactions.

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