Surgical approach to giant ovarian masses in adolescents: technical considerations

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Giorgio Persano *
Elisa Severi
Noemi Cantone
Filippo Incerti
Enrico Ciardini
Bruno Noccioli
(*) Corresponding Author:
Giorgio Persano |


Ovarian neoplasms arising from the surface epithelium are rare in the pediatric population; their knowledge is therefore limited and the appropriate management is poorly defined. We describe our experience and suggest our surgical approach to adolescents affected by voluminous ovarian masses. Two 15-year-old adolescents were admitted to our institution in 2017 for multilobulated, fluid-filled masses measuring over 30 cm arising from the ovaries. The cystic component was drained intraoperatively with a spillage-free technique, consisting in the application of a sterile autoadhesive transparent drape on the cyst and the insertion of a 12 Ch pleural drain, secured with a purse-string suture. Unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy was then carried out. Histology revealed mucinous cystadenoma in both patients. Surgical treatment of ovarian masses should aim at both radically excising the tumor and preserving the fertility of the patients. Decompression with spillage-free techniques can be useful to achieve radical therapy with limited manipulation of tissues.

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