Repair of double-chambered right ventricle using right ventricular outflow chamber ventriculotomy via left intercostal thoracotomy under beating heart in two dogs

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Keiichi Sato
Isamu Kanemoto *
Kippei Mihara
Koudai Kawase
Takuya Mori
Misato Ohashi
Hirokazu Abe
Shuichi Chimura
(*) Corresponding Author:
Isamu Kanemoto |


Double-chambered right ventricle was diagnosed in two dogs, one of them a pup and the other full grown. Both dogs underwent surgery using the novel approach of right ventricular outflow chamber ventriculotomy via left intercostal thoracotomy with moderate hypothermia and moderate pump flow cardiopulmonary bypass under beating heart. No major complication occurred during and after the operation. On continuous wave Doppler echocardiography, the pressure gradient across the stenosis in the right ventricle decreased from 130 mmHg pre-operatively to 40 mmHg post-operatively at 1 year 5 months in the adult dog, and from 209 mmHg pre-operatively to 47 mmHg post-operatively at 1 year in the pup. Both dogs are active without clinical signs.


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Keiichi Sato, Chayagasaka Animal Hospital, Nagoya, Aichi