Simultaneous detection of LipL32 and LipL21 genes of pathogenic leptospira from serum samples of bovines by multiplex PCR

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Timiri V. Meenambigai *
Gopalakrishnan Ravikumar
Andy Srithar
Govindan Balakrishnan
Chidambaram Saranya
Bakthavachalam Muralimanohar
(*) Corresponding Author:
Timiri V. Meenambigai |


Leptospirosis is a worldwide zoonotic disease of cattle associated with pathogenic leptospiral infection. This study focuses in the use of a molecular tool to detect pathogenic leptospiral infection in bovines by targeting the outer membrane proteins LipL32 and LipL21 simultaneously in a multiplex PCR. Sixteen pathogenic reference strains and 10 bovine serum samples were analyzed for simultaneous detection of both genes at appropriate annealing conditions. These findings are suggestive of the fact that multiplex PCR can be used to detect major outer membrane proteins of pathogenic leptospira from serum samples. Further it aided in the differentiation of pathogenic and non-pathogenic species of leptospires too. This study will definitely serve as a valuable tool, as it suggests the importance of LipL32 genes as potential candidates for vaccine development to control animal Leptospirosis.

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