Article-Level Metrics

For all of our journals, we are now providing the Article-Level Metrics (ALM, see description at SPARC): number of views, shares, likes, downloads, citations and discussions will be shown to measure the impact of each single article. These ALM are provided here thank to the Public Library of Science and the OJS plugin developed by the PKP-ALM team. ALM are COUNTER 3-compliant, an industry standard for the evaluation of online data usage. 

Currently, our articles shows data (when available) coming from many different sources: Viewed in different formats (PDF, HTML) and from PubMed Central Usage Stats; Cited by CrossRef, Europe PMC, PubMed, Scopus; Discussed on Facebook, NatureBlogs, Twitter, Reddit, ScienceSeeker, OpenEdition, Wikipedia; Saved by Mendeley and CiteULike. See some examples below:

Some journals are now under testing and may not be accurate in showing ALM; anyway, we are scheduling all ALMs to be ready in mid-2016.

We strongly encourage our readers and authors to look at and analyze these ALM. For those interested in ALM, here some useful links:

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