New journals

The  Journal of the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine


The Journal of the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine (JAARM) is the publication of the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine (AARM). JAARM provides an outlet for quality articles, perspectives, critical reviews, and comments that contribute to the scientific understanding of all aspects of regenerative medicine. JAARM is distinguished by its interdisciplinary nature and breadth, and will provide benefit not only the members of the AARM, but to scientists and clinicians worldwide whose scientific and clinical interests are similar to those of the AARM. JAARM is a broad-spectrum, open Access, online-only, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles concerned with all aspects of regenerative medicine. Its remit is to publish manuscripts that are regenerative medicine related and that are generally in keeping with the philosophy of American Academy and Board of Regenerative Medicine (AABRM). 
Editor-in-Chief: David B. Harrell, USA

The Italian Journal of Wound Care


The Italian Journal of Wound Care is the definitive wound-care journal and the leading source of up-to-date research and clinical information on everything related to tissue viability.  Published quarterly, the journal’s international audience includes nurses, doctors and researchers specialising in wound management and tissue viability, as well as generalists wishing to enhance their practice. 
Editor-in-Chief: Alessandro Scalise, Italy

Pre-clinical research

Pre-clinical research publishes peer reviewed original research articles and reviews from the area of drug development in the pre-clinical phases i.e. from conceptualization to animal research. The journal accepts articles from universities and research organizations and aims to provide platform to young researchers working in the field of drug discovery. This journal offers free access to readers and encourage readers to share their opinion via letters to editor. Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Raju Akondi, Saudi Arabia

Earthquake and Volcano Research


Earthquake and Volcano Research is a new Open Access journal specializing in all aspects of research related to seismology and volcanology. Topics include tectonics, earthquake prediction, seismicity, historical seismicity, geodynamics studies, geothermal research, seismic hazard or risk, seismology and volcanology engineering, induced seismicity, mining seismology, historical volcanism, fault systems, volcano seismology, volcanic activity and eruptions, active and non-active volcanoes, prediction of volcanic eruption; petrology, magmas; geochemistry of volcanoes, physics of earthquakes and seismic processes, and earthquake disaster management.  Editor-in-Chief: Hugo Rodrigues, Portugal

Phycology International

phycol mini

This new journal covers all aspects of phycology, including current and emerging issues in environmental, health and industrial fields. Papers dealing with both eukaryotic algae and cyanobacteria are considered within the scope of the journal. The subject areas covered include: Applied phycology and biotechnology, Morphology and cell biology, Macro- and microalgal ecology, Macro- and microalgal systematics and evolution, Molecular biology and genomics, Physiology and biochemistry, Toxicology, health and risk management. 
Editor-in-Chief: Sandeep Panda, Turkey

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