Our Team

The members of the team have specific responsibilities for each journal. Our team looks after every aspect of production essential to the development of the journal: the editorial process, production, marketing. Each of these experts (presented in our company organizational chart) is at your disposal to respond to all specific needs and requirements of all our partners, sponsors, those who work with us on each journal, and all users of our platform.


Michele Moscato spent more than 15 years working for the University of Pavia, Italy as a librarian in the medicine field. The experience gained in such a position lead him to be nominated Production Manager at Haematologica, currently one of the top worldwide journals in hematology. After more than 15 years passed working for this journal, Michele decided to create PAGEPress as the first Italian Open Access publisher. michele.moscato@pagepress.org


Nadia Moscato was awarded the Baccalaureat in foreign languages (English, French and German), specializing in French literature. She spent one year in Germany to improve her knowledge of the German language, working for a technical instruments company and attending a University German course for foreigners. Back in Italy, she worked for a leading company in leisure equipment with over 100 employees as Supervisor of the Overseas Division, organizing all the departments’ operations, collaborating as well with the Quality Manager to lead the company to the achievement of the ISO Quality Standards. Her long-standing experience in management, her organizational and supervisory expertise, and her interpersonal skills have quickly made her a point of reference for the entire team and for all authors, institutions, societies and universities who work with us. As Senior Managing Editor, she is currently Head of the Journal Division. nadia.moscato@pagepress.org


Paola Granata is a Managing Editor at PAGEPress. A graduate in Intercultural and Multimedia Communication at the University of Pavia, Italy, she started working in publishing while she was still a university student. In 2010, she started working for PAGEPress where she found an opportunity to widen her editorial skills and experience, contributing to the launch and the growth of several brand new journals. She is currently supported by an efficient top class Editorial Staff, and is involved in the management of around 20 journals in the PAGEPress portfolio, guiding Editors, Authors, Reviewers and other contributors through the technical editorial process. paola.granata@pagepress.org


Managing Editor at PAGEPress, Emanuela Fusinato graduated in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation at the University of Milan, Italy. Her studies provided her with an advanced knowledge of three modern languages (English, Spanish and German) combined with solid skills in economics, law and sociology. Formerly employed as an educational officer at a non-governmental organization, she is committed to the development of her own projects, showing an innate ability to manage multiple projects with only minimal supervision. She has been working at PAGEPress since 2011, demonstrating strong organizational and planning skills in the management of more than 30 journals. emanuela.fusinato@pagepress.org


After her BA degree in Communication and Marketing at the University of Pavia, she decided to continue her studies, attending, at first, a specialization course in editing and publishing at the Belleville School in Milan, then, a first level Master degree course in Publishing at the University of Languages and Communication IULM. Thereafter, she decided to expand her international background by attending a Master degree in digital marketing at the Yale University’s School of Management. As a Managing Editor at PAGEPress, she is responsible for a wide range of journals, for which she takes care of all the publishing phases. Her primary concern is to ensure that for each paper the Authors, Editors-in-Chief and Reviewers work in synergy, in order to attain complete satisfaction of all the parts. francesca.savio@pagepress.org


A graduate in Business Consultant Proficiency in Foreign Languages, she specialized in editorial graphics, learning how to use the most important vector graphics editorial software. She is an expert in using the currently available tools necessary to produce and implement graphics solutions. After a fruitful experience with various advertising agencies, she chose to focus on her first interest: texts and pictures, typography, layouts, grids and composition. After a five-years experience at Haematologica journal, today she is part of the PAGEPress graphics office. She works closely with our Managing Editors to design journal layout, and to provide a personal style to the publishing processes and standards. cristiana.poggi@pagepress.org


After finishing high school, Claudia became Art Director for various press and advertising agencies, developing brands and advertisements for private companies and public societies. The long-standing experience gained in these organizations has allowed her to fully develop her skills and expertise in the use of the major graphic tools and software. Today, she is responsible for the layout of more than 30 journals and for the PAGEPress corporate image. claudia.castellano@pagepress.org


Tiziano Taccini is the Web specialist at PAGEPress. He's got his degree in web design and multimedia graphics (Istituto Superiore di Comunicazione, Milan, Italy) in 2003. After that, he has been working in many graphic design studios, getting a ten-year experience in layout managing and web pages creation. With strongly developed technical skills and an excellent working knowledge of XML, HTML and CSS, he designs and develops web solutions to manage all the records and documents included on our websites. tiziano.taccini@pagepress.org