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Vol 2, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents


Perspectives of fetal dystocia in cattle and buffalo
Govind Narayan Purohit, Pramod Kumar, Kanika Solanki, Chandra Shekher, Sumit Prakash Yadav | DOI: 10.4081/vsd.2012.e8 e8

Rapid Communications

Castration of piglets under general anaesthesia: a possible approach
Iwan Nussbaumer | DOI: 10.4081/vsd.2012.e9 e9

Case Reports

Bacterial enteritis in an oriental white backed vulture (Gyps bengalensis) and its successful management
Vijay Kumar, Prasenjit Dhar, Mandeep Sharma, Anshu Raj | DOI: 10.4081/vsd.2012.e1 e1
Necrotizing leptomeningeal vasculitis associated with a compressive meningioma in a cat: a rare paraneoplastic syndrome
Les J. Gabor, Ines Walther, Kathleen Mullins, Melinda Gabor, Andrea Borque | DOI: 10.4081/vsd.2012.e4 e4
Non-metastatic squamous cell carcinoma in two Hermann’s tortoises (Testudo hermanni)
Marie-Charlotte von Deetzen, Kerstin Müller, Leo Brunnberg, Robert Klopfleisch | DOI: 10.4081/vsd.2012.e5 e5

Original Articles

Mortality in free range rescued wild animals of Shivalik Hills in Himachal Pradesh, India
Vijay Kumar, Vipin Kumar, Anshu Raj | DOI: 10.4081/vsd.2012.e2 e2
Morphological studies on the seasonal changes in the epididymal duct of the one-humped camel (camelus dromedarius)
Ahmed El-Zuhry Zayed, Khaled Hamdy Aly, Ismael Abdel-Aziz Ibrahim, Fatma Mohammed Abd El-maksoud | DOI: 10.4081/vsd.2012.e3 e3
Evaluation of apoptotic cell death in normal and chondrodystrophic canine intervertebral discs
Marie Klauser, Franck Forterre, Marcus Doherr, Andreas Zurbriggen, David Spreng, Simone Forterre | DOI: 10.4081/vsd.2012.e6 e6
Short term effect of treating claw horn lesions in dairy cattle on their locomotion, activity and milk yield
Jane A. Montgomery, Katie Forgan, Catherine Hayhurst, Elizabeth Rees, Jennifer S. Duncan, Jacques Gossellein, Charles Harding, Richard D. Murray | DOI: 10.4081/vsd.2012.e7 e7
Development and validation of an in vivo model for pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic studies of antimicrobials in domestic animals
Maria Laura Meneses, Gabriela Albarellos, Maria Fabiana Landoni | DOI: 10.4081/vsd.2012.e10 e10
Management of obstructive urolithiasis in dairy calves with intact bladder and urethra by Fazili’s minimally invasive tube cystotomy technique
Mujeeb ur Rehman Fazili, Hiranya Kumar Bhattacharyya, Bashir Ahmad Buchoo, Hamid Ullah Malik, Shahid Hussain Dar | DOI: 10.4081/vsd.2012.e11 e11
The biofilm formation ability of Listeria monocytogenes isolated from meat, poultry, fish and processing plant environments is related to serotype and pathogenic profile of the strains
Domenico Meloni, Roberta Mazza, Francesca Piras, Sonia Lamon, Simonetta Gianna Consolati, Anna Mureddu, Rina Mazzette | DOI: 10.4081/vsd.2012.e12 e12
Laparoscopic diagnosis of gross reproductive abnormalities in free-ranging female rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta)
Vijay Kumar, Anshu Raj | DOI: 10.4081/vsd.2012.e13 e13
Morphometric studies on the passive role of menisci in upward fixation of the patella in buffalo and cattle
Abdalla Hifny, Kamal Eldin Hashem Abdalla, Yousria A. Abdel Rahman, Khaled Aly, Ruwaida Abdelmoaty Elhanbaly | DOI: 10.4081/vsd.2012.e14 e14

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