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The “Rivista di Psicopatologia forense, Medicina Legale, Criminologia” was founded in 1965 under the direction of Prof. Franco Granone, University of Turin, who is remembered as the first neuropsychiatrist who gave an academic and scientific body to clinical hypnosis with its "Hypnosis Treaty", and published under the title “Rassegna di Ipnosi e Medicina Psicosomatica” until 1974 and as “Rassegna di Psicoterapia, Ipnosi, Stati di Coscienza” for some years, changing definitely its name in 2017. The journal, owned by the University of Rome “Sapienza”, now publishes original works, reviews, original interviews related to criminology, forensic medicine, investigative techniques and linked psycho-criminology perspective.

New Articles - Journal of Osseointegration

Digital registration of peri-implant transmucosal portion and pontic area in the esthetic zone

P. Venezia, F. Torsello, R. Cavalcanti, E. Casiello, M. Chiapasco

The efficiency of using advanced PRF-xenograft mixture around immediate implants in the esthetic zone: a randomized controlled clinical trial

S. Kalash, N. Aboelsaad, M. Shokry, J. Choukroun

Ectopic tooth involving the orbital floor and infraorbital nerve

D. Barbieri, P. Capparè, G. Gastaldi, M. Trimarchi

Immediate transformation of full lower dentures into fixed implant-supported superstructures by intraoral welding

D. Tripodakis, D. Tripodaki, A.P. Tripodakis

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Abstracts of poster presentations - XXXVI International AIOP Congress.

Various Authors 

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