Threats faced by brown rot of potato in Bangladesh

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Rajesh Chakraborty *
Tuhin Suvra Roy
(*) Corresponding Author:
Rajesh Chakraborty |


Potato is the most important root crop in Bangladesh. The field production is very much lower compared to other developed countries. Pests and diseases hampered the production due to the prevailing climatic condition, which favors the development in Bangladesh of specific diseases. Among them Brown rot (Ralstonia solanacearum) is the most alarming disease at present and previous time. The major areas of Bangladesh have faced many hampers on this disease. The potato growers and businessmen of Bangladesh are facing much problems on this disease especially in case of export to other countries as Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Maldives, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ethiopia and Nigeria. But during last year Russian Government banned import potatoes from Bangladesh. So, from these perspectives, this concept paper was studied to evaluate the most appropriate status of this disease caused by organisms and its best control strategies to impart better production thinking for Bangladeshi potato growers, exporters and other related personnels.

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