The deformity correction and fixator-assisted treatment using Ilizarov versus Taylor spatial frame in the foot and ankle

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Yudha Manggala
Chayanin Angthong *
Andri Primadhi
Supoj Kungwan
(*) Corresponding Author:
Chayanin Angthong |


This study was to report the comparison of outcomes between Ilizarov ring fixator (IRF) and Taylor Spatial Frame® (Smith & Nephew, Memphis, Tenn.; TSF) in terms of the effectiveness of ankle-foot deformities correction, follow-up results, and complications. Fourteen patients with ankle-foot deformities were corrected using circular external fixation (IRF group = 7 patients; TSF group = 7 patients) and related procedures. Baseline data and treatment variables were recorded. The patients’ mean age was 42.9 years. Mean follow-up time was 6.5 months. Most common cause of deformity/traumatic condition was posttraumatic equinus. There were successful results in 8 patients (57.1%), partial successful results in 5 patients (35.7%), and revision-needed in 1 patient (7.1%). TSF group demonstrated significantly higher rate of successful results than IRF group (P=0.033). A trend of lower complication rate was found in TSF group (P=0.286). Deformity corrections using TSF provided significantly better clinical scores and higher rate of successful outcome than conventional IRF.

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