Superior lines candidates evaluation of two local red rice Southeast Sulawesi cultivars (Indonesia) derived from gamma rays irradiation techniques

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Ni Wayan Sri Suliartini *
Kuswanto Kuswanto
Nur Basuki
Andy Soegianto
(*) Corresponding Author:
Ni Wayan Sri Suliartini |


The aim of this research was to describe the potency of superior cultivar upland rice candidates (gogo rice) first generation (M1) which generated from Pae Pulu Pongasi and Pae Loilo, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. The grains were irradiated by 60 Co gamma-rays at 100, 200, 300, and 400 Gy doses. The developed cultivar was selected from numerous red and black rice with highest anthocyanins. Based on LD50 test to these cultivars, Pae Pulu Pongasi cultivar was founded at 416 Gy and Pae Loilo about 360 Gy. Ten superior lines candidates were selected, namely M1.27K2D1, M1.190K2D3 which are derived from M1 Pae Pulu Pongasi cultivar and M1.6K3D1, M1.24K3D1, M1.37K3D1, M1.102K3D1, M1.104K3D1, M1.162K3D1, M1.170K3D1 which derived from M1 Pae Loilo cultivars. M1.81K2D1 derived from M1 Pae Pulu Pongasi had the potential to produce higher yield, high lodging resistance, and short harvest age compared to parental.

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