Susceptibility of six corn varieties (Zea maysL.) to Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

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L.P. Astuti *
S.M. Yahya
M.S. Hadi
(*) Corresponding Author:
L.P. Astuti |


Agricultural produce is commonly stored in warehouses after the harvest period, before being utilized and fulfilling the crop stock. However, crop threats are not only present during cultivation and harvest, but crops can also be infected during storage, which leads to agricultural loss. This research aimed to observe the resistance level of corn varieties of Bisma, Bisi 18, Bisi 19, Pioneer 21, Pioneer 29, and Pertiwi 3 to the Sitophilus zeamaispest of stored product insects. This resistance was based on the mechanism of non-preference (antixenosis) resistance, measured with the Free Choice Test Method (FCTM), and antibiosis resistance mechanism, measured with the No Choice Test Method (NCTM). The results showed that based on the susceptibility index (Dobie, 1974), corn varieties of Pertiwi 3 were categorized as resistant to S. zeamais pests, while the varieties of Bisi 19, Bisma, Bisi 18, Pioneer 21 and Pioneer 29 were moderately resistant.

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