Use of pulsed electric fields to induce breakage of glandular trichome cells in leaves of fresh patchouli (Pogostemon cablin Benth.): Specific energy input consumption

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Sukardi Sukardi *
Sudjito Soeparman
Bambang Dwi Argo
Yudy Surya Irawan
(*) Corresponding Author:
Sukardi Sukardi |


Research has been performed using a pulsed electric field (PEF) to damage plant cells to obtain bioactive compounds before extraction. However, research into the use of PEF to break down the glandular trichome (GT) cells of patchouli for essential oil extraction is still limited. The purpose of this study was to determine the specific energy input needed to break patchouli leaf GT cells by PEF treatment. Patchouli leaves were harvested at 7 months of age, then treated with PEF. GT cell changes were analyzed using scanning electron microscopy. The results show that treatment with variable frequencies caused GT cell wrinkling and treatments with a variable electric field caused GT cell rupture. Electric field treatment at E=133.33 V/cm and a PEF exposure time of 2 seconds or E=116.66 V/cm and 3 seconds of PEF exposure resulted in consistent rupture of GT cells. Energy consumption of 0.049 kJ/cm3 promoted GT cell wall shrinkage and consumption of 0.59 kJ/cm3 broke GT cell walls.

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