Epitheliogenesis imperfecta in a crossbred Holstein calf, southwestern Iran

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Shahrzad Azizi *
Mehdi Amirmohammadi
Reza Kheirandish
Paria Dahesh
(*) Corresponding Author:
Shahrzad Azizi | azizi.shahrzad@gmail.com


Epitheliogenesis imperfect (EI) is a rare autosomal recessive skin defect that is clinically identified with absence of cutaneous epithelium of the limbs, muzzle and nostrils as well as oral mucous membranes. This congenital newborn desease is reported mainly in domestic animals. The present study described EI in a 13 day-old, female crossbred Holstein calf. Gross examination showed epithelium agenesis of two front and hind limbs skin around the carpal and tarsal joints, and also extensive areas of the metacarpal and metatarsal regions. The calf died 5 days after antibiotic therapy and use of topical cream.

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