Rivista di Psicopatologia Forense, Medicina Legale, Criminologia was founded in the 60s.
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Vol. 26 No. 1-2-3 (2021): January-December 2021
Published: 29-12-2021
pISSN 2533-2619
eISSN 2610-9018
Vincenzo Mastronardi
Direttore Responsabile
Natale Mario Di Luca

About the Journal

Rivista di Psicopatologia Forense, Medicina Legale, Criminologia was founded in the 60s under the direction of Prof. Franco Granone of the University of Turin, remembered as the first neuropsychiatrist who gave an academic and scientific body to clinical hypnosis with its "Hypnosis Treaty" published by UTET. The first name given to the journal, published for the types of Minerva Medica, was "Rassegna di Ipnosi e Medicina Psicosomatica". By the will of all the members of the Italian Center for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis of Turin, in 1974 the Journal changed its title in "Rassegna di Psicoterapia, Ipnosi, Stati di Coscienza" (Authorization Court of Turin n. 2423 of 18.6.1974). However, at the departure of the Director of Minerva Medica Dr. Tommaso Oliaro, the journal, as well as other journals, suffered the unpleasant deletion due to lack of funds. It was on that date that my teacher of Hypnosis, the same Franco Granone, asked me to take care of the journal so that it could be republished and, in my transfer (May 1988) from the University of Bari to the University of Rome "Sapienza", I proceeded with the due timescales for the formalizations to submit the journal to the same Sapienza University of Rome, with a first moment of transition at the Roman University Editions and the registration at the Court of Rome n. 341/90 on 28.5.1990. But very soon, the Senate Academic and the Board of Directors of Sapienza University of Rome, resolved to become "owned" by the same University and, also as a quarterly periodical, was registered at the Court of Rome n. 00325/96 the 28.6.1996 changing entirely the title, as it was directed by my person at the time Holder of the Chair of Forensic Psychopathology. The title became "Rassegna di psicoterapie, Ipnosi, Medicina Psicosomatica, Psicopatologia Forense". This title continued to exist until, in the physiological passage to another Director, further formalizations including the Sapienza Board of Directors, resolved, on 30 October 2017, to definitively change its name as "Rivista di Psicopatologia forense, Medicina Legale, Criminologia" with Director Prof. Natale Mario Di Luca, head of the Legal Medicine Section of the Department of Anatomical Sciences, Histology, Legal Medicine and of the Locomotor System of Sapienza University of Rome. The Evaluation Committee of the New Journal decided to delegate the professors who appear in the cover page of the new issue, each with the respective task, and I accepted the position of Responsible Coordinator and Scientific Director of the Journal. The advisory committee has been chosen among the most prestigious signatures of the best-known Italian and foreign universities. Obviously, a section will still be reserved for memory duty to Clinical Hypnosis. I wish to this journal, now become historic for its birth and its evolution, the best of luck.