Excess granulation tissue and hair loss following acitretin

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Francesca Gaudiello
Massimiliano Scalvenzi
Lucia Gallo *
Nicola Balato
(*) Corresponding Author:
Lucia Gallo | luc.gallo@libero.it


Retinoids are routinely used in dermatology for various clinical entities including acne vulgaris, rosacea, hypertrophic scars, strie distensae, psoriasis, disorders of dyskeratinization, cancer prevention and other chronic hyperkeratotic disorders. Oral acitretin therapy is effective in the treatment of psoriasis normalizing cellular differentiation and maturation but clinical side-effects are reported. We describe the occurrence of excess granulation tissue in the nails sulcus and noncicatricial universal alopecia in a psoriatic patient receiving oral acitretin.

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