Siva Reddy Challa
Illinois, USA


I am very delighted and it gives me immense pleasure in inviting you all to the newly launched journal Pre-clinical Research. Achievements of pharmaceutical industry and drug discovery is tremendous. The total pharmaceutical revenues exceeded one trillion U.S. dollars for the first time. Total R&D spending is 157 billion US dollars in the year 2016 and expected to increase to 181 billion US dollars by 2022. Immense potential of the industry offers opportunities and challenges to the people participating in drug discovery, particularly Pre-clinical scientists. Unknown pathophysiology of the diseases and heterogeneity of patient population added to the complexities of drug discovery and make the drug discovery process one of the most uncertain tasks. Pre-clinical research Journal aims to provide opportunity to showcase the work conducted in the initial phases of drug discovery including newer animal models, identification and validation of diagnostic and therapeutic biomarkers.

The editorial board members were chosen based on their meritorious track record in the preclinical drug discovery and their commitment to publish quality work. A keen, unbiased and rapid processes are established in order to roll out standard journal. The Pre-clinical Research journal is available free of cost to readers and publisher decided to collect no charges from authors as well.

Welcome to “Pre-clinical Research”

Dr. Raju Akondi, Editor-in-Chief

Pre-clinical research publishes peer reviewed original research articles and reviews from the area of drug b in the pre-clinical phases i.e. from conceptualization to animal research. The journal accepts articles from universities and research organizations and aims to provide platform to young researchers working in the field of drug discovery. This journals offers free access to readers and encourage readers to share their opinion via letters to editor.