Developing Quality

PAGEPress publishes more than 100 Open Access, online, peer-reviewed, scholarly journals in a variety of fields such as medicine, biology, zoology, agriculture, and others. Its growing portfolio includes new publications, well-established journals, and a considerable number of titles for a wide range of scientific and academic societies.

PAGEPress strives to set the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of its activities, including its journal image, its style of presentation, the quality of the editorial process on every level, the transparency of its operations and procedures, its accessibility to the scientific community and the public, and its educational value.

Our keys to success

  • Experience: a trustworthy publisher with a long-standing tradition
  • Tools and Design: a user-friendly open source system, an attractive journal profile and eye-catching presentation
  • Indexing: our journals are well distributed among the main online directories, giving access to readers worldwide
  • Digital Preservation: the protection of your digital data, thinking beyond the present, looking to the future
  • Accurate marketing campaigns: a strategic service devoted to promote the journal