Innovation can be about technologies, as well as having the intuition to understand how the world is changing, and investing in appropriate new, low-cost business models.

Open Access allows the spreading of knowledge and the results of the latest scientific research to be shared by everyone, everywhere.

Open Access

In fact, PAGEPress specializes in following through the transformation of those journals that decide to switch to the online only publication model, and offers all the services needed to publish an Open Access journal:

  • Registration and maintenance on our servers of domains dedicated to your Journal.
  • Fully-integrated platform for the whole publishing process (from submission to peer-review, to publication and indexing, DOIs, online directories, etc.), available via Internet 24/7 by using a high-level “users and roles” system (editors, reviewers, authors, etc.).
  • Editorial office devoted to managing and checking the whole process.
  • Journal distribution and indexing via integrated systems, such as OAI harvesting and other specialized indexes.
  • Highly-professional mother-tongue copyediting for each article needing linguistic/structural revision.
  • Structural revision of all manuscripts.
  • Language consultancy.

An Active Approach

An important part of our job is to publish high-quality journals and present innovative research. Our experts are available to develop and promote your Journal in order to make it grow and become a benchmark in its field. This means:

  • Journal Layout
    • graphics and visual materials
  • Strategic marketing and promotional services
    • online publishing opportunities
    • advertising options (on printed and online version)
    • events (congresses, conferences and meetings)
  • English Translation Service
  • Medical Writing
  • Editorial Targeted Products
  • E–Prints and Traditional Printing Services